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Gamers' Collection

Classic Edition

Our very first glasses model that was introduced.Hence the name, Classic. 

We began our journey innovating this minimalistic-design glasses back in the days.

Don't doubt it's lens quality despite the low price.
It's shape and design is perfect for gamers.

Blue-Ray Protection

Sun-UV Protection

Elite Glasses (Pro Edition)

Exact same frame with our Classic Edition. 

Only better, with more stylish design. 

 Introducing Elite Gaming Glasses, designed for pro gamers.

Blue-Ray Protection

Sun-UV Protection

Scarlet (For Her Eyes)

We heard you ladies, we read your e-mails. 

 Introducing "Scarlet Sunglasses". 

Designed specially for Her Eyes. 

We know girls are picky, therefore we brought many variants to this specific style, for outdoor on the sunny days.

Sun-UV Protection